Marketing in Schools Goes to the Dogs!

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As the traditional school tour season begins, the Irish Greyhound Board are offering students and teachers tours of Greyhound stadia around the country.

Just when it seemed that Tayto Park couldn’t be beaten as an unhealthy, commercially-driven tour destination, the IGB have produced a flyer enticing teachers to introduce children to the world of dog racing, gambling and blood sports.

Greyhound Action Ireland have condemned the promotion saying “Surely the high incidence of both gambling addictions and animal abuse in Ireland should be a red flag to anyone concerned about children’s welfare.” The group have asked Education Minister Ruairí Quinn to “stop the IGB seducing children with ‘goody bags’ in gambling establishments.”

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Ads to be banned from children’s TV…but what about schools??

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The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has launched (30th March) a public consultation on a new Draft Children’s Commercial Communications Code which it is proposed will govern advertising, sponsorship and product placement aimed at children on radio and television.

The new Draft Children’s Commercial Code proposes that ads for High Fat Salt and Sugar food and drink shall not:

1) be permitted in children’s programmes as defined by the code;

2) include celebrities or sports stars;

3) include programme characters;

4) include licensed characters e.g. characters and personalities from cinema releases;

5) contain health or nutrition claims; or

6) include promotional offers. Read more

The CCFE needs you – Pilot Project 2012.

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The Campaign for Commercial-Free Education is seeking to develop a pilot project on media literacy to be offered to Irish schools later in 2012.


A 2007 report on “Critical Media Literacy in Ireland” found the subject to be of low status, frequently overlooked and poorly resourced within Irish schools.


We want to begin to change this and particularly raise awareness of the presence and effect of commercial advertising in the lives of young students. Read more

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Standing up to Commercial Bullies in School.

The Campaign for Commercial Free Education has spoken out against a promotion by JD’s Gourmet Popcorn which seeks to import the lamentable North American tradition of commercial profit-driven fundraising.

JD’s are seeking schools to distribute order forms and promote a scheme whereby teachers take orders from children and their families for the company’s candy-covered popcorn in return for a share of the sales.

The Sunday Times ran a piece on 1st April highlighting the CCFE’s criticism of this self-serving promotion and how it contravenes the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation’s guidelines  – Popcorn for Pupils in Poor Taste say Critics.

On Tuesday 3rd April RTE’s John Murray show featured a debate between company promoter Joe McGrath and CCFE chairperson Joseph Fogarty. Listen to the interview here: John Murray Show 3rd April 2012


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Popcorn for pupils in poor taste say critics.

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By Ciara Kenny, Sunday Times 01.04.12

A scheme which incentivises primary school teachers to sell bags of popcorn to raise money for their school has been criticised by a parent-and-teacher group as a “frivolous-gimmick” that wastes school time and exploits cash-strapped parents.

 JD’s Gourmet Popcorn, a family-run company which manufactures sweet and candy-covered popcorn, issued a flyer to schools inDublinand Meath last month inviting teachers to take orders from children and their families in return for a share of the profits.

 A 110g bag costs €2.50, with the school receiving €1 for each one sold. Four schools have signed up to the scheme so far, including Kevin’sBoysSchoolandSt Joseph’sGirlsSchool, both in Finglas inDublin. Read more

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The 2010-2011 Annual Report on Schoolhouse Commercializing Trends considers how commercializing activities in schools harm children educationally.


 Often, school-business partnerships are little more than marketing arrangements with little if any educational benefit and the potential to harm to children in a variety of ways.

Read The Educational Cost of School Commercialism here.


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