Schools Eager to Pilot Critical Media Education Lessons.

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The Campaign for Commercial Free Education has had a tremendous response to their invitation to schools to pilot media education lessons dealing with advertising and marketing in modern life.


A request on the Irish Primary Principals’ Network mailing list led to dozens of schools, both large and small, urban and rural volunteering to deliver and evaluate the materials developed by the CCFE.


Media Ed1.1  Rating Advertisements

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Summer Camp Season

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May and June bring stacks of leaflets and flyers to schools advertising summer camps of all descriptions.


How should schools deal with this avalanche of direct marketing? Is there a way to keep parents informed and respect children’s right to a commercial-free space?

Summer Camps0001

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CCFE to pilot Media Literacy Lessons

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The Campaign for Commercial Free Education have developed a series of lessons and resources to support the Media Education strand of the Primary School Curriculum.

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A 2007 report on “Critical Media Literacy in Ireland” found the subject to be of low status, frequently overlooked and poorly resourced within Irish schools.

The CCFE is now looking for schools who are interested in changing this and addressing the issue of commercial advertising in the lives of young students. Schools will use the resources and then provide feedback as to how they could be better adapted for use nationwide. These materials are best suited to 4th, 5th or 6th classes.

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We’re back! The CCFE resumes the battle for ad-free schools.

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After a two year hiatus, the Campaign for Commercial-Free Education (Ireland) is being reignited once again in 2014. Thanks to those who have sent messages of support. We resume the fight to create an advertising-free space in the daily lives of young people, not much to ask is it?

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Priorities for this year include

- Highlighting and critiquing commercial schemes targeting Irish schoolchildren (Doodle4Google, AIB  “Build a Bank Challenge” etc).

- Developing and piloting media education  materials in schools to make Irish children more aware of advertising and how it works.

- Promoting the concept of schools as commercial-free spaces where “the best interests of the child must be a primary consideration in all actions” (UN Charter on the Rights of the Child, Article 3).

Teachers, parents, students and anyone concerned about marketing to school children are invited to join in. We have enjoyed some notable successes in the past and I’m confident the Campaign can ably defend children right to an educational experience that is entirely in their interest.

If you’d like to be involved in any way please get in touch through this site and subscribe to our updates.

Marketing in Schools Goes to the Dogs!

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As the traditional school tour season begins, the Irish Greyhound Board are offering students and teachers tours of Greyhound stadia around the country.

Just when it seemed that Tayto Park couldn’t be beaten as an unhealthy, commercially-driven tour destination, the IGB have produced a flyer enticing teachers to introduce children to the world of dog racing, gambling and blood sports.

Greyhound Action Ireland have condemned the promotion saying “Surely the high incidence of both gambling addictions and animal abuse in Ireland should be a red flag to anyone concerned about children’s welfare.” The group have asked Education Minister Ruairí Quinn to “stop the IGB seducing children with ‘goody bags’ in gambling establishments.”

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Ads to be banned from children’s TV…but what about schools??

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The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has launched (30th March) a public consultation on a new Draft Children’s Commercial Communications Code which it is proposed will govern advertising, sponsorship and product placement aimed at children on radio and television.

The new Draft Children’s Commercial Code proposes that ads for High Fat Salt and Sugar food and drink shall not:

1) be permitted in children’s programmes as defined by the code;

2) include celebrities or sports stars;

3) include programme characters;

4) include licensed characters e.g. characters and personalities from cinema releases;

5) contain health or nutrition claims; or

6) include promotional offers. Read more

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